Kohjinsha Brings Dual Screen Notebook

Kohjinsha DZ6KH16E Do you think a single screen is not sufficient for a notebook? If you consider a secondary screen as the best option for expanding the work area of your notebook, you can take a look at the upcoming Kohjinsha DZ series DZ6KH16E notebook with dual displays. First presented as a concept in the CEATAEC 09 held last month in Japan, the first dual display notebook of the world will hit the Japanese stores next month.

Kohjinsha DZ6KH16E features
The technical features of the upcoming Kohjinsha notebook could be easily located in most standard notebooks. However, the dual displays make Kohjinsha DZ6KH16E a notebook worth admiring. In order to view two or more web pages on a single screen notebook, we are forced to adjust the sizes of individual web pages.

With Kohjinsha dual screen notebook, you can now easily open two web pages on separate displays, without bothering about adjusting their sizes.

Kohjinsha dual screen DZ series notebook will undoubtedly enhance multitasking. Both the displays share same dimensions and technical features. They are 10.1 inches windscreen LCD screens of 1024 x 600 pixels resolutions. In the closed state, the Kohjinsha DZ series notebook looks like any standard notebook. If you want to use both the displays simultaneously, simply slide open the left or right display. The two displays will stand side by side displaying two different images. To prevent unauthorized access of the data stored in your notebook, the right display of the Kohjinsha notebook is equipped with fingerprint sensors. This dual screen notebook is powered by the 1.6GHz Athlon Neo MV-40 processor.

This AMD processor is definitely not the best chipset for a notebook. With the wide scale availability of Atom CPU notebooks, perhaps Kohjinsha has incorporated the AMD Athlon Neo processor only to make the product affordable. Graphics will be supported by AMD RS780MN. This notebook sports 1GB RAM and 160GB of internal storage space. Kohjinsha dual screen notebook supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The integrated TV tuner of the notebook aids data broadcasting. A 1.3 megapixel webcam will also come with this notebook. The dual screen notebook will have 4.5 hours of battery life. It will run on the 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

Price and availability
From December 11, the Kohjinsha dual screen notebook will be available in Japan. It will cost 79,800 yen or around $921.


  • Kylie

    As a desoktop publisher who has to ‘work on the run’… love the concept, would love to see one in action before I buy