Kodak EasyShare S730 – The Latest Digital Photo Frame

kodak-digital-photo-frame We try to capture the special moments in our lives in photographs, stashing them in picture albums. Nowadays digital photo frames have become our portable picture albums.

To make sharing pictures easier, Kodak has launched a new digital photo frame – Kodak EasyShare S730. This new Kodak digital photo frame has more storage space and greater battery life. The inclusion of Kodak Color Science technology in this digital photo frame will produce vibrant colored pictures. Moreover, the touch sensitive controls make it easy to handle the photo frame.

Kodak EasyShare S730 features
To enjoy pictures stored in your photo album, you don’t have to remain hooked to your computer. The built-in rechargeable battery of EasyShare S730 ensures greater portability of your photo album. The battery can work for one hour on a single charge.

Picture Finder
This new Kodak digital photo frame features a Picture Finder. This helps to find the desired photograph or video stored in the frame instantly. The Picture Finder is easy to use. If a certain picture in the collage arouses your interest, simply select the picture and touch the Picture Finder control to see more pictures from the same date. This is an exciting way of enjoying some old memories.

Viewing Modes
Kodak EasyShare S730 also features various viewing modes. The Picture Finder control can be used with each of these viewing modes. The four viewing modes featured in this digital frame include single picture view, calendar view, clock view and the collage mode. You can start a slideshow on EasyShare by simply inserting a memory card in which you have stored digital pictures. Besides viewing still images, videos can also be viewed on EasyShare. The full screen slideshow will help you to browse through individual pictures. The screen views will allow users to see individual images along with clock or calendar. The collage view will allow you to browse the entire collection, displaying four randomly chosen images at the same time.

Kodak EasyShare S730 has 1GB memory storage space. This will allow you to store up to eight thousand pictures in the digital photo frame, although, the content of images will actually determine the exact storage capacity of the photo frame.

Kodak EasyShare will cost 149-euro in Europe and US$139 in North America.