Know your hat etiquette

hat-etiquette Once upon a time, a hat was an integral part of a person’s wardrobe. Men and women never left the house without wearing a hat. Modern times witnessed the death of the hat-wearing tradition. However, with new styles and fashion crazes, some people don stylish hats for special occasions and even daily wear.

It would be wise to follow the correct hat etiquette while sporting these head accessories. There are different rules for men and women regarding hats, considering that both styles of hats are completely different.

For him
Men are required to don (put on) and doff (take off) their hats at various places and occasions. The donning and doffing of hats is achieved by holding the crown of the hat.

The inside part of a person’s hat should never be exposed to the public. The headgear should be held in a way that only the outside part of the hat is visible. Imagine letting the world see the dirt and hair collected inside!

In public places, men should always leave their hats on. But when in the presence of or in conversation with women, they should take off their hats. While some may find this a cumbersome ritual, it is done in politeness and respect.

The ritual of taking off one’s hat is carried out when indoors, at outdoor weddings, during the National Anthem and in the presence of important dignitaries.

Various religions have different rules about wearing head coverings inside places of worship. Men need to know and understand the customs of their religion about wearing any form of headgear.

For her
Women don’t need to take off their hats as often as men do. The simple reason for this is that women’s hats are a lot more complicated with the addition of ribbons, flowers and bows. Besides, women are more conscious about their hairstyles getting ruined if they take off their hats.

Generally, women’s hats are part of their wardrobe; they often match the dress that they wear. Women generally leave their hats on indoors.

Follow the right etiquette and wear (or don’t wear) your hats!