Knee Exercises

knee is the hinge joint that connects the tibia and fibula to the femur and is protected in the front by patella. Knee provides a range of motion to the legs. In your daily activities like running, walking, jumping, climbing and getting down the staircase etc the knee joint plays a major role. Regular exercises are hence necessary to keep the knee strong and to regain its mobility.

In order to have a strong knee you need to strengthen the muscles that supports the knee joint. This in turn protect your knee from knee pain and injury. Strong supporting muscles will protect the knee from the shock and extra stress. While practicing strengthening exercise you need to do stretch exercises as strengthening exercises will make the muscles tight and stretching exercises will help you to make the muscles flexible. Flexible muscles won’t get injured as easily as tight muscles.

Cares to be Taken While Exercising

Before starting exercise warm up your knee joint and thigh muscles by taking a few minutes of walk. While exercising  movements should be undertaken slowly and in a very controlled manner. Use steady and slow movements and avoid bouncing. Always start the exercises with few repetitions and increase the repetitions when you become stronger.

Knee Exercise

Sit down on a floor with your legs kept straight and learn back on the hands. Ensure that the back is supported comfortably. Keep a pillow beneath your left knee and slowly raise the left leg so that the back portion of knee is pushing  the pillow. Maintain this position for 10 seconds and draw your leg down and repeat it with the right leg. This will help you to strengthen your quad muscles.

Stand close to a wall with your back facing against the wall. Keep your feet flat and maintain a straight position. With your back against the wall slide down till you reach a position similar to sitting. Slide down only up to which you feel comfortable. When your quad muscles become stronger you can slide down more to a sitting position. Maintain the sitting position for a few minutes and then slowly slide back. Slowly increase the number of repetitions and also increase the time of maintaining the sitting position.

Before starting any knee exercises you need to check it with doctor and ensure that these exercises are safe.