Kitchen Tile – Choosing the Right Tiles For Your Kitchen

The décor of your kitchen should not be overlooked. The place in your house where you spent some significant time preparing food for the family should flaunt a pleasant appearance. Tiles play an important role in kitchen décor.

By selecting the right type of kitchen tile, you can create a wonderful ambiance in your kitchen. Tiles of different colors, shapes and sizes are used for covering the walls and floors of the kitchen. They are also part of the countertop design. Besides adding color and style to your kitchen, tiles help to protect the kitchen walls and floor from oil, grime and water. They are also easy to clean.

Choosing the right kitchen tile

You will choose kitchen tiles according to the size of your kitchen, the color and features of the appliances and cabinets and of course your budget. You need not choose tiles made with similar material for decorating your entire kitchen. If your budget permits, you can choose water resistant tiles for the entire kitchen, but if you are working on limited budget, use water resistant tiles for the backsplash and countertop.

The tiles installed in these places of the kitchen should be durable. Since grime and oil largely accumulates in these two areas, the backsplash and countertop tiles should be easy to clean. It is advisable to select heat resistant tiles for countertops. Glazed tiles are unsuitable for kitchen floors. If water spills on the kitchen floor, the glazed tiles will make it extremely slippery.

Kitchen tile colors and design

You can use contrasting colors for the kitchen floors, walls and worktops. While selecting the backsplash tiles, select patterns that would blend with the food particles that would accumulate on the backsplash while cooking.

Kitchen tile material

Ceramic tiles are widely used for decorating kitchen. They are affordable and the cost of replacement is usually low. Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles. Mosaic tile is a popular option for your kitchen. You can even install metal and stainless steel tiles, which are more suitable for the work surfaces of the kitchen.

Cleaning kitchen tiles

You can use ingredients from your pantry for cleaning the kitchen tiles. Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda are popular natural cleaning agents that will remove dirt and grime from your kitchen tiles.