Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Reduces Stress Injury Risk

Kinesis Advantage keyboard The Kinesis Advantage keyboard might not look like your conventional keyboard, but its weird layout is ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of stress injury. Most of us are aware of the harm that inappropriate physical postures can do to our fingers, wrists, hands and shoulders. If your muscles and bones have not yet accustomed to the faulty layout of the traditional keyboards, you can perhaps try this Kinesis product.

Kinesis Advantage keyboard features
To reduce the risk of tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, which occur from inappropriate positioning of the arms, the familiar QWERTY layout of the conventional keyboard is split into two halves in this ergonomically designed keyboard. This helps to reduce strains. To distribute the workload evenly among your fingers, Kinesis Advantage has thumb keypads at the center of the keyboard comprising of frequently used keys such as Enter, Delete, Space, Control, Alt and Backspace. The right and the left hand side keys are incorporated in concave wells, which minimize the risk of muscles and tendons injury in arms and fingers. The function keys are placed closer to the alphanumeric keys.

Kinesis Advantage also features an optional palm support. You could rest your hand on the self-adhesive pads while taking a brief break from work. The low force keys provide tactile as well as audible feedbacks. Kinesis Advantage also gives users the opportunity to customize the keyboard. For optimal hand function, you can copy or remap specific keys to other locations that could be handled easily. You can program and store up to 48 macros. This keyboard works with Windows and MAC. It can instantly configure the layout for Windows, MAC and non-Windows operating systems. This keyboard is fitted with two-port USB hub.

The Kinesis Advantage Pro keyboard has an additional memory-locking switch to prevent unauthorized or accidental reprogramming of the keyboard. The Advantage Pro model also comes with a single action foot switch. Both the Kinesis Advantage keyboard models support triple action foot switch. This optional feature of the keyboard helps to redistribute the workload.

Kinesis Advantage keyboard price
Available in black and white colors, the Kinesis Advantage keyboard cost $299. The Advantage Pro model carries a $359 price tag. You can buy these keyboards from the online store of