Kids Friendly Sippers

Friendly Sippers Kids Friendly Sippers

You may doing kids party for your little one’s birthday and your kid wants it to be a memorable event with lot of food and fun. Here are some extraordinary sippers your kids’ birthday party and that makes your kid happy.

Blueberry Coconut Slush

Take one cup of chilled pineapple sorbet or pineapple sherbet and combine it with one cup of frozen blueberries and ¾ cup of fat reduced and cooled coconut milk. Transfer the entire contents to a blender and then add ¼ cup of shredded sweetened coconut. Blend the contents very well till it becomes smooth. Transfer the contents to tall glasses and this will make two glasses of blueberry coconut slush. This drink will give 266 calories along with 2.8 gram protein, 46 gram carbohydrate and 3,1 gram fibers to the kids.

Strawberry Raspberry Soda

Take a tall glass and to this add one cup of strawberry sour cream ice cream and 13 cup of sliced chilled strawberries in alternate layers in such a way that one scoop of ice cream is layered with some strawberry slices. Again add another scoop of ice cream and then strawberry slices etc.

Take a cup and in this mix two teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoon of raspberry vinegar. Stir the contents till the sugar dissolves. Then add ¾ cup of chilled club soda and mix well. Now add the sugar and soda mixture to the glass containing ice cream and strawberries. Then serve it with a straw and spoon. This will add 518 calories along with 5.3 grams of proteins to your kid.

Lemon Soda Float

Take six to eight glasses and among these glasses divide two pints of vanilla ice cream. Then make 36 ounce of lemon soda by mixing lemon juice with club soda. Then add this lemon soda to the glasses containing ice cream. Keep the glass for a minute so that the lemon soda freezes around the ice cream and make slushy coating. This will provide 215 calories and 3 gram protein.