Kids Become Sleepless with Computer Games

sleepless-with-computer-games Computer games help the students to learn new things and develop their intelligence. Children should enjoy playing games to improve their creativity and intelligence. Playing games should be limited to few hours to prevent health problems.

Kids are thrilled with various exciting features of computer games. Kids won’t concentrate on studies, if they are too much engaged with computer games. Kids would continue with computer games without sleep, as they are more exciting. They struggle to wake up during day.

A recent study indicates that college students spend over seven hours playing video games. Most of the college students are addicted to computer games. The sleep very few hours when comparing with others. Out of 138 students interviewed, 12.7% were addicted to games. Only few of them noticed that gaming would interfere with sleep.

The person, who is sleepless, could not perform his duties up to the mark. They may suffer from some of type of problems.

The people, who are engaged in viewing the monitor more time, would have eye problems. Their eyes would be pointed to the screen and may suffer from eye pain.

The timings vary from nation to nation. Computer games are available round the clock. It allows the students to play computer games 24 hours a day. Thus, students tend to play computer games more time and would become sleepless.

The computers normally produce radiation. Radiation harms our brain and other parts of the body. It may cause health problems including eye pain, cancer, neck pain and nerves pain in the long run.

Children, who sit in front of the computer playing games, are unnoticed by their parents and doctors. They tend to suffer from sleep disorders.

Parents should instruct their children to limit the play of computer games to few hours. Teachers and lecturers should explain the health problems associated with computer games.