Kempler & Strauss Introduces Billionaire 7 and Watch Phone

Kempler & Strauss watch phone While most cell phone makers, in association with mobile carriers, are busy launching locked devices, Kempler & Strauss is trying to reap revenues from the unlocked mobile phones’ market. If you are willing to opt for prepaid services, surpassing the compulsory data plans of cell phone carriers, you can pick up the upcoming mobile phones from Kempler & Strauss.

Kempler & Strauss Billionaire 7
This Kempler & Strauss phone resembles the form of the BlackBerry phones. Billionaire 7 will run on the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.

Speedy multitasking with this Kempler and Strauss handset will be supported by a 624 Mhz CPU. Billionaire 7 will sport a touch sensitive display. To facilitate messaging, this smartphone will also come with a full QWERTY keyboard. This Kempler and Strauss phone features not one, but two phone cameras! The camera fitted on the back of the handset is designed for snapping still images. The front camera of the phone is equipped to capture videos. The front video camera of Billionaire 7 also supports video conferencing. Kempler and Strauss Billionaire 7 will be available in USA and Mexico. It will cost around $299.

Kempler & Strauss watch phone
Watch phones have recently entered the cell phone market. Many cell phone users would consider it quite odd to use a wristwatch as a phone.

Nonetheless, LG and Samsung are trying to popularize the watch phone concepts with their new creation – LG GD 910 and Samsung S9110. Following LG and Samsung, Kempler & Strauss has created a new watch phone named the W Phone. According to Kempler and Strauss, W Phone will be the world’s smallest watch phone. Along with the usual cell phone features, this upcoming watch phone will sport a Bluetooth communicator. A Bluetooth Communicator is a Bluetooth device that you can clip to your pocket or belt.

The Kempler & Strauss watch phone features touch sensitive display, integrated camera with video recording function, MP3 music player and preinstalled games. The watch phone has up to 4GB internal storage space, which can be further expanded with microSD memory card. Besides the Bluetooth headset or Communicator, you can also opt for the in-car stereo. W Phone will run on the GSM network. It will cost about $199.