Keeping a Pet Hedgehog

pet-hedgehog If you are looking for an exotic pet, consider having a hedgehog. These creatures are loving and friendly. They can easily adapt to your lifestyle. With proper care, your pet hedgehog can live up to seven years.

Easy to keep
If you are allergic to dander spread by cats and dogs, then hedgehog will be a suitable pet for you. Hedgehogs are not noisy creatures. Except for occasional low grunts, this creature hardly makes any noise. Therefore, hedgehogs are suitable for people who love silence in their house. If you live in a small house, you can keep only small pets. Hedgehog is a small pet, which occupies very little space. However, since keeping exotic pets is forbidden in several states, before keeping a pet hedgehog in your house remember to check the law of your state.

Hedgehog diet
Hedgehogs are primarily meat eaters. They love insects. You can feed your pet hedgehog farm-raised insects, such as mealworms, available in pet stores. Hedgehogs can also be fed low fat cat food. The diet of a pet hedgehog should be high in protein and low in fat. Salmon or tuna can be part of your pet’s diet. Hedgehogs like fruits, milk and dairy products. However, excess consumption of milk and fruits can be harmful for their health. You can occasionally treat your pet hedgehog with small amount of fruits, especially melons and milk.

Hedgehog care
Hedgehogs often escape from open top cages. If you want to keep your pet in an open top cage, similar to the ones used for housing rabbits and guinea pigs, select a cage with slippery sides. The walls of the cage should be at least one foot in height. There should be good air circulation in the cage and it should be well illuminated. Do not place the cage in direct sunlight.

Hedgehogs are comfortable when the temperature is between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius. The bedding should be made of crushed corn, pine or aspen. It should be about two inches thick. To feed the animal, you need a food bowl and a water bottle. Hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter box. Once your hedgehog becomes accustomed to the litter box, you can allow it to roam around in your house.