Keep the Lipstick in Place

lipstick When lipstick starts peeling or gets smudged then you certainly do not like it. If you want your lipstick to last really long then you can follow certain useful tips. These tips will ensure that your lipstick does not peel off in the wrong places.

Use the Liner

It is very sensible to line your lips with a lip liner whenever you wear lipstick. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding or smudging. If you think that you really have a nice shade of medium toned lip liner then you can cover your lips with it instead of a lipstick. A lip liner is drier than a lipstick and hence lasts longer. You can also opt for matte-finish lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip crayons.

How to Apply Lipstick

Now if you are fond of wearing sheer and creamy lipsticks then there is a way of making them long-lasting. Dot some foundation of your lips. Make sure to use only a little amount and then press lightly with some powder. Line your lips and apply the lipstick with a brush. Press slightly with a tissue paper. It will absorb the excess color. Now wear another layer of the lipstick and gently dust some compact powder. Your lipstick will stay in place for hours.

Tips to Avoid Lipstick Blunders

You also need to follow these tips. Avoid wearing colors such as orange or those that have tinges of brown because when they smudge or stick to your teeth, they can make your teeth appear yellowish. After wearing lipstick put your index finger in your mouth and bring it out. In this way your lip color will not stick on your teeth. If you are out dining with someone special then just before drinking water cleverly lick the mouth of the glass. In this way there won’t be any lipstick mark on the glass.