Keep Diseases at Bay

keep-diseases-at-bay You should include some power foods in your diet to keep diseases at bay. One power food is yogurt and it is healthy because of the probiotics found in them. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that can help in keeping disease-causing germs away from the gastro-intestinal tract and gut. In order to boost your immunity you should have about 7 ounces of yogurt everyday. If you do this you will not have to pop pills to remain healthy and fight illness. In order to get the maximum benefits of yogurt you should have six ounces of yogurt two times a day.

Fish is Good for Health

Shellfish like clams lobsters, crabs, and oysters have plenty of selenium that helps the white blood cells of your body to produce cytokines-proteins, which aid in getting rid of flu viruses. Herring, salmon and, mackerel are types of fish, which are loaded in omega-3 fats. These can protect your lungs from respiratory infections and colds, reduce inflammation, and increase airflow. Every week you should have two servings of fish.

Boost Immunity with Tea

It has been gathered from a study that those who drank about five cups of black tea everyday for two weeks had more power to fight against virus than those who did not drink tea. L-theanine is an amino acid that is found in green and tea and it is good for boosting the immune system. Decaf forms of tea also have this amino acid. Move the tea bags up and down in your cup while brewing in order to get more antioxidants. You should have several cups of tea daily.

Healthy Sweet Potatoes

Your skin is like your clothing that protects you from viruses, bacteria, and disease-causing germs. Therefore, it forms an essential part of your important immune system. You should make sure that your skin is healthy.

Thus, you should include vitamin A in your diet because it helps in producing connective tissue that is an important part of skin. Have sweet potatoes because they have beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body.