Keep a Well Trimmed Waist for Healthy Living

waist-trim Today it is more important to stay healthy than to stay alive. It is rather shame for someone to depend on others for carrying out simple tasks such as climbing the stairs or carrying a luggage. It is more important to have a better life than to have a long life. Life should be enjoyed in every corner of it. So it is very important to control our waistline in order to move independently around. As we grow old our body tends to break and this is the point of time when a well trimmed waist helps to keep the body fit in all respects.

In the recent survey it has been found that Japanese are the trimmest people in the world. In Japan along with regular health check ups, the doctors also measure the weight of the people in order to keep away disorders and diabetes. According to them men should have around 33.5 inches and women should have 35.4 inches of waist. It has been found that type 2 diabetes can occur because of the obesity around the abdomen.

Here are some tips that should be followed to take care of the waist. One should have proper diet everyday. The most useful way to trimming the waist is by doing lots of daily exercise and the steps should be directed by a physical trainer. If one can have a thirty minutes Cardio everyday, it will prevent the waist form growing.

In a survey it has been experimented that if we walk 10,000 steps per day then it would burn all our excess calories and the waistline would not grow thick. We should prevent the use of ab crunches, this will not work much in decreasing the waist, rather if we do it wrongly, there is a danger of hurting our body.