Juniper Bonsai

Bonsai is the art of dwarfing tall trees so that they could easily fit into your garden containers. Juniper is a popular choice of bonsai especially for the first time bonsai makers. One of the biggest advantages of growing juniper bonsai is its ability to survive both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, they do not require any special soil, but your ordinary garden soil is perfect for its growth. With simple care, you can easily adorn your home with juniper bonsais.

Selecting the juniper tree

Visit a nursery and buy a potted juniper plant. Although junipers are usually hardy plants, nonetheless, it is advisable to buy only well established plants. Before buying the plant, make sure that the plant was in the same pot at least for the past three months. Any unfavorable change in soil or climatic condition might be unsuitable for the growth of the plant. Make sure that the plant you are buying is healthy.

Choosing the pot

If you want to repot the plant, you should choose a proper container for growing the bonsai. The container should be large enough to hold adequate soil needed for covering the roots of the stunted tree. The pot should have drainage holes. Add soil that drains easily.

Pruning and repotting

Depending upon the amount of soil in the pot in which the plant will be repotted, about one-third of the plant’s root should be cut before repotting. Prune the branches of the tree. Now plant the tree in the pot.

Juniper bonsai care

To preserve the shape of your juniper bonsai, you should prune or cut its branches at regular intervals. If you want to give a specific shape to one of the branches of the bonsai, gently bend the branch, and wrap a copper wire on the branch so that the branch remains in the specific position. To prevent growth of new branches, cut the buds that would grow during spring and fall. Water the plant only when the surface of the soil appears dry. Fertilize the plant once every six weeks during spring and early summer. Juniper bonsai could be destroyed by spider mites. Occasionally use pesticides to keep these insects away from the bonsai.