Is It Right To Hide A Truth From Your Spouse?

guilt Do you suffer from guilt when you hide a secret from your spouse? You might think that it is not right to hide a truth from your spouse. However, despite all moral preaching you have heard about sharing all your secrets with your spouse, for the sake of a healthy long-term relation, you can guiltlessly conceal some secrets of your life from your spouse.

Hiding a secret need not mean telling a lie. If your spouse is unaware of a certain incident in your life, you can save yourself from telling a lie and creating further complications in your marital life.

Past affair
Some times past relationships can act as the bone of contention in a marital relationship. Avoid talking about your past boy friends and girlfriends and what both of you did together. Your past affairs should in no way make your present relationship sour. No matter how much you loved your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, it is of no use mentioning it to your spouse. If you suddenly come across your ex-lover, hide this news from your spouse. If your spouse comes to know too much about your past relationship, it might hurt him or her. A sense of insecurity might develop in your spouse. Hence, for the sake of marital bliss, bury all past affairs deep in your memory, where they remain hidden forever.

Your spouse’s parents might drive you crazy. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to tell him/her what you think about his or her parents. Remember that despite their shortcomings, your spouse loves his/her parents. If you cannot respect them, ignore them, but do not be rude to your parents-in-law, this will only hurt your spouse, and adversely effect your relationship.

Your husband or wife had tried to cook some exotic dish, but you didn’t like it, what will you do? Don’t dishearten your spouse by saying how bad the dish was. Instead, tell him/her this dish would become better with practice, or what she cooked last week was too good.

  • Is there anything wrong with hiding health worries from your spouse. For example, say you might be diagnosed with a serious illness and your spouse is the type that likes to go out drinking to cope with anything and everything and takes no responsibility in your relationship. Do you want your illness to be another excuse for your spouse to go out and have a pity party at the bar and feel sorry for him or her self?