Iron Rich Recipe

Iron Rich Recipe

Iron is an important mineral that plays a major role in most of the body activities. Iron also makes an important part of blood so any deficiency of iron may leads to anemia. If you have less iron in your body or if you are anemic then you have to include more iron in your diet. Here are some ways to include iron in your diet

Iron Rich Quick Bread

Get a large bowl and to this add one cup of flour, one cup of whole wheat flour, two tablespoon wheat germ, two teaspoon baking powder and one teaspoon baking soda. To this mixture add one teaspoon salt and mix well. Now add one cup of oats and half cup of brown sugar to this bowl and mix them very well. Also add one cup of raisin to this mixture.

In a small bowl mix quarter cup of oil, half cup of molasses and one and one by fourth cup of water. Blend them well and pour to the dry mixture with constant stirring. Blend the entire mixture very well or till it makes a smooth mixture with out any lumps.

Now grease a loaf pan and transfer this mixture to the pan. Bake the bread mixture at a temperature of 350 degree F for about 50 minutes. The iron rich bread is now ready to use.

Oriental Pasta Salad

Take one cup of pasta and cook it in boiling water till al dente. In the mean time prepare the salad dressing. For this you need six tablespoon oil, six tablespoon orange juice, two tablespoon pineapple juice, one tablespoon soy sauce and one pinch ginger powder. Combine the salad dressing ingredients and add them to the cooked and cooled pasta and keep it for chilling.

Once the pasta gets chilled then add one cup canned fresh beans sprouts, two grated carrots, one thinly sliced green bell pepper and one pineapple pieces. Toss the entire contents lightly. Now sprinkle the finely chopped four spring onions over the salad.

Your salad is now ready to serve.