IPhone Apps For Free Text Messaging & Better Data Protection

iphone-apps-for-free-text-messaging Are you hiking your cell phone bill with excessive text messaging? A solution has finally arrived for only iPhone users that will cost nothing to send text messages from iPhones. While the owners of non-Apple devices will sulk on hearing this news, iPhone users will once again rejoice and appreciate their judgment of selecting an iPhone instead of one of the numerous smartphones that are currently available in the market.

TextPlus, the first app created by Gogii, will enable iPhone and iPod Touch users to sent unlimited free text messages from their devices. IPhone users can send speedy text messages by turning on the WiFi connection of their iPhone handset. In order to send messages, you need not waste your iPhone’s precious battery power by connecting to EDGE or 3G networks.

Write your messages in the landscape mode. TextPlus also supports group messaging, enabling iPhone users to send a single message to all contacts in a group at the same time. The group text conversation feature of TextPlus is similar to instant chat room conversations. Even when the TextPlus app is not running on your handset, you will get instant notifications of text messages as they arrive in your iPhone handset. Free text messaging is not restricted for communication only within the iPhone users’ circuit. You can also send free text messages from your iPhone to any phone irrespective of its maker and carrier. The free text messaging from iPhone will not leave your iPhone carrier cash starved. Gogii will pay your text messaging cost to AT&T, and in return, Gogii will display advertisements on your handsets.

TextPlus itself is a free app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

According to SMobile Systems, the encryption apps currently available in Apple App Store are not capable of keeping your sensitive data completely safe from data thieves. Inherent encryption capabilities are missing from most of the iPhone models. Although, iPhone 3GS is equipped with encryption capability, but it can also be infringed. ContactCrypt, the iPhone encryption app developed by SMobile Systems, will protect your sensitive data by encrypting the major encrypting components of Apple’s operating system.