IPhone Apps For Credit Card Transactions & Audio Message on Facebook

iphone-apps-for-credit-card-transactions-audio-message-on-facebook Thanks to developers, iPhone users are frequently getting new exciting apps on their iPhones. There is info about two iPhone apps – one already launched and another still in the pipeline. A new iPhone app has been introduced for the social networking crazy iPhone users, who love to stay connected to their friends via Facebook. Another app, which is still undergoing the testing process, is meant for mobile businesses, who want to check their customers’ credit cards on the go.

Square for clearing plastic card transactions
This upcoming iPhone app, codenamed Square, has been created to function as a payment processing system. It includes a small plastic card reader for swiping the customer’s credit card. When attached to the headphone jack of an iPhone, the card reader would transfer the swipe data to the app loaded to the iPhone. The seller then enters the amount that the customer has been charged. The customer confirms the amount by signing on the touchscreen display of the iPhone with his finger. Then the customer or the seller enters the email address of the customer.

The transaction receipt is then sent to the customer through email. Moreover, the receipt that the customer receives via email will also include a map of the transaction location. The payment process is completely paperless. Square will ensure that the money is directly transferred to the bank account of the seller. For the services offered by Square for each transaction, a fee will be charged. When this impressive app finally becomes available, vendors will have a real reason to own an iPhone.

Are you bored with those lifeless boring messages on the Facebook walls? Thanks to AudioPeople, you can now add more zing to your Facebook messages by making them audible. With AudioPeople, iPhone users can post animated audio recordings on the Facebook walls of their friends. IPhone app developer and promoter People Operating Technology has developed this wonderful app, which will now give iPhone users a nice reason to remain hooked to Facebook. AudioPeople can be downloaded from Apple App Store for $1.99.