IPhone App Locates Sex Offenders, Checks Car Battery

iphone-app-locates The Apple iPhone is becoming indispensable to its users not only for its messaging and multimedia features, but also for the new exciting apps that are making their way into this smart device. Some of the latest iPhone apps have been developed to address diverse issues, which include tracking sex offenders and checking your automobile battery charge.

Offender Locator
Offender Locator is one of the most popular apps, which iPhone users can download from iTune. By paying only $0.99, you can locate the sex offenders of US. According to the American law, all sex offenders should register themselves. This enables any individual to access information about the person. The Offender Locator app will enable iPhone users to protect themselves as well as their children from the sex offenders, lurking in their locality. With the help of your iPhone carrier’s location based service you can access information of sexual offenders along with their address, photos, birth date, height and weight, and the crime they had committed. Unfortunately, Offender Locator is not a foolproof app.

Although efforts are made to continuously update the sexual offenders’ list, but nonetheless, some of the names and data may remain out of the list. However, this app might be illegal in certain US states, such as California, where selling information about former convicts is forbidden. If you are not an iPhone user, you can still get information of the sexual offenders of your region free of cost from the internet.

Checking car battery level
Nissan is not only working on electric cars for Japanese and American roads, but it has also developed an iPhone app, which could check the battery level of the car from a distance. This upcoming iPhone app is designed from electric cars. The user can dial into the car’s IT system and check the battery charge level. This app will aid users to take battery-recharging decisions anytime from any location. Along with information on the status of the battery, users can also know how long it will take to recharge the battery and the recharging cost. Moreover, users can monitor their car’s air conditioner system and control its setting from a distance. In brief, Nissan will convert your iPhone into your car’s remote control.