Intense Pulsed Light Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation

intensepulsedlight IPL Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is a non invasive treatment in which visible light of high intensity are used for amending the appearance of the skin. Intense pulse light therapy can be used for correcting a number of skin problems such as birth marks, stretch marks, wrinkles, brown spots caused by pigmentation, blemishes, dark hairs, vascular lesions and also to reduce the red thread veins on the skin.  Light energy transmitted by Intense Pulsed Light machines are absorbed by the specific target cells present in the skin.

These target cells will be the colored cells and they get this color from the chromophores present in the cells. Intense Pulsed Light machines  will use filters for adjusting the operational wave length of high intensity pulses of visible radiation and will direct these wave lengths deep in to the skin at the same time the epidermis continues to be untouched. This light energy will heat the target cells and the target cells on absorbing the heat energy will burst and get damaged.

IPL Machines

Different kinds of machines are available for IPL Therapy. They are grouped depending on their level of penetration and type.

1.    PhotoDerm Vascular Lesions  (VL)

PhotoDerm VL focuses its light pulses on to the thread veins, varicose veins, spider veins and also on to the vascular birth marks. Here the entire process of transmitting the light pulses is controlled by hi-tech computers and they will modulate the light waves in to specific wave length. These light pulses are then transmitted in order to target the visible red blood vessels containing a pigment called hemoglobin. These light waves will then heat the target blood vessels and will destroy the pigments while the normal skin and tissues remains untouched. The depth up to which the light waves reach and the degree of heating are controlled efficiently here.

2.    PhotoDerm Pigmented Lesions  (PL)

Here the light pulses are transmitted towards the wrinkles and the freckles, the pigmented nevus and towards different types of skin discolorations like the mark of pregnancy, age spots and melanosis of the neck. The specifically oriented light pulses will hit the melanin present in the skin’s surface and causes the melanin to get heated. Thus PhotoDerm PL will destroy the melanin and will remove the skin discolorations.

3.    PhotoDerm Hair Removal  and EpiLight

This can be used for removing the unwanted hairs from the body and here the light pulses will focus on the hair follicles and thus causing the hair to come out. The disadvantage of this treatment is that it won’t work efficiently with light colored hairs and hair may appear again.