Infant Ear Infection

Ear infection is a common problem noticed in infants. Most of the time parents will be unaware of this problem and they will realize this only when it gets worsened. In order to protect your baby from ear infections you need to know more about infant ear infection. Babies will not be able to tell their difficulties and there are certain symptoms that most of the kids do while having ear infection and that may help you to realize the problem.

Symptoms of Ear Infection


The infected baby will be cranky and irritable. If your baby is crying even after you have met his hunger, boredom, diaper change etc then it may be due to some discomfort that your baby is experiencing.


If the infant is affected with ear infection then he may develop high fever of about 101 degrees. Fever is the body’s mechanism to fight the infection. If your baby had cold then ear infection may follow this.

Tugging the Ear

If the discomfort or pain is severe then the baby may tug his ear or may keep his hand frequently on the ear. Sometimes thick and yellow colored fluids ooze out from the ear.

Lack of Appetite

If your kid is not showing any interest in taking food then it may be due to the pain in the ear. Baby has discomfort while chewing or swallowing the food and so he may avoid the food. In such condition he may eagerly comes to take feed and may leave it in between because of the pain.

Causes of Ear Infection

Fluid Build Up

There is a tube named Eustachian tube that links the middle ear with the back of the throat and nose. This tube usually drains the fluid formed in the middle ear. When this tube gets blocked then fluid build up in the Eustachian tube. Then virus or bacteria may develop on this fluid and cause infection. The factors that leads to the swelling or blocking of Eustachian tube includes sinus infection, cold, over grown adenoids, tobacco smoke, excessive production of saliva or mucus during teeth formation etc.

When ever your child shows such symptoms take him to your doctor and give him the proper treatment. If ear infection is left with out giving treatment then it may even leads to hearing loss.