Indulgent Parents and Indulged Children

indulgent-parents For our previous generations, attending to children’s tantrums was not important. In those days, most households survived on limited income and parents did not have the means or the desire to meet ridiculous demands of children. However, the child-parent relationship has significantly changed nowadays. Modern parents are financially better off than their parents were. In their effort to build a stronger bond with their children, they are always ready to meet their kids’ demands. Therefore, if your child wants an expensive game, dress or chocolate, you are too eager to meet his/her demand. If you are one of these indulgent parents, it is now time to wake up and correct both your’s and your child’s behavior.

Why parents indulge?
Various factors make you an indulgent mom or dad. The size of families is shrinking rapidly. Nowadays it is not unusual to come across single parents with a single child. Due to their busy lifestyle and financial constraint, most parents nowadays opt for a single child. In such circumstances, children become the cynosure of the family, and we have indulgent parents and indulged children. Sometimes, when we realize that our children are unhappy because of sickness, family problems and parental divorce, we cannot deny them anything out of a sense of guilt. However, in the process we end up harming our children.

Problems of indulged children
By meeting every demand of your child, you want to protect your child from sadness and pain. Hardly, do parents realize that in the process they are inhibiting their children from realizing their true potential and strength. Indulged children do not develop coping skills. Failure to cope with the realities of life makes them vulnerable adults. They fail to deal with stress. They become selfish, short-tempered, depressed and mentally unstable.

Help your child become better human being
As a parent, you should teach your child that life is not only about materialist pleasure. It is important that both the parents should stay away from indulging their children. You should set realistic limits for your child. We should help our children to manage their feelings and become better human beings.