Improve Your Handwriting

improve-your-handwriting Though the computer has snatched our right to write with a pen, sometimes you have situations when you have to write with pen and paper. And suddenly you realize that nobody is going to understand what you are writing. If your handwriting is not beautiful, it at least should be legible. However, many people write with an illegible handwriting and they don’t even feel sorry for that. If your handwriting is bad, there are many ways to make it better and make it legible. So, check out the following tips on how to improve your handwriting.

Practice Writing: Try to keep in touch with writing on paper. Whenever you get some free time, write about anything you want. Practice is the best way to improve your writing. The more you lose touch with writing, the worse your handwriting becomes. After writing a paragraph, look at your writing and read it. See how you like your handwriting. You will be the best judge and nobody else.

Write Slow: Whenever you write something, try to write slowly. When you write slowly, you have a control over your writing and the handwriting becomes much better. But, while writing faster, the handwriting becomes dirty and illegible. So, be careful while writing.

Write With a Style: If you think that your handwriting looks good when you write with slanting letters or spiral ones, then follow the style and give your handwriting a particular style of your own. Try to avoid writing with different styles every time.

Make it clean: A clean handwriting looks much better than a complex stylish handwriting. May be the handwriting is very stylish, but if the purpose of writing is solved the style is all vain. So, go for handwriting that is clean and clear and legible that can solve the purpose of communication with the reader.

Write a Sentence Again and Again: Pick a favorite sentence of yours and write it again and again on a piece of paper. When you write a particular thing for many times, the handwriting gets better with the time. You will see that the first sentence and the last sentence are much different in their looks.