Improve Soil Quality With Soil Conditioner

Poor soils, devoid of nutrients, are unsuitable for plant growth. To replenish the lost nutrients your garden soil should be conditioned with soil conditioners. Soil conditioner helps to rebuild soils.

These soil-building products are readily available in garden supply stores or nurseries. You can even make soil conditioners with products readily available in your home.

Soil conditioner benefits

Besides adding nutrients to the soil, soil conditioners help to improve the water retention capacity of soils. Soil conditioners are essential for altering the pH of the soil. They even help to bind the garden soil, preventing them from being washed away by water or blown away by wind.

Soil Conditioner Types

Earthworm as soil conditioner

Fertile garden soils should have plenty of earthworms. They help to enrich the soil of your garden. Earthworms ingest organic matters present in the soil. The enzymes in the digestive tract of the worm break down the organic matters, releasing a large number of plant friendly nutrients, which are excreted by the worms as earthworm casting.

Earthworms help to increase the nitrogen, magnesium, calcium and phosphate content of your garden soil. Therefore, to improve the quality of your garden soil, you can add earthworms to your garden soil. Earthworms multiply rapidly. Within a few months, you will have enough earthworms to take care of your garden soil.

Soil conditioner for dry soil

To retain moisture in the soil, shredded bark, straw, vermiculite, sawdust or clay should be added to dry soils.

Soil conditioner for clay soil

Water logging is a common problem in gardens containing clay soil. Good drainage is essential for plant growth. Gypsum soil conditioner will make your garden soil less dense. It will help water to penetrate deeper into the soil.

Organic soil conditioner

Manure, bone meal and ground coffee beans could be used for conditioning your garden soil. Seaweed is an excellent soil conditioner. It could increase the moisture retention capacity of your garden soil. It can even bind your loose garden soil. Seaweeds could add a large number of plant friendly nutrients to your garden soil. You can even condition your garden soil with sulfur, lime and compost.