Improve Digestion With Right Food Combination

food-combination Our meals are a combination of different types of foods. It has been observed that right food combination eases our digestion process, whereas wrong food combination are largely responsible for frequent indigestion problems. Foods that are compatible to each other help the body to absorb the different nutrients present in them. If the food that we eat is not processed and digested properly, we suffer from several gastrointestinal problems and nutrient deficiencies.

Selecting the right food combination
While planning your meal, you should select foods that have nearly the same time of digestion. Foods require either acidic or alkaline environment for their digestion. While eating, avoid combining foods that require different digestive environments. A food that requires acidic digestive enzymes for its digestion process should not be blended with a food that requires an alkaline environment for digestion. When the acid and alkali combine, they neutralize each other, obstructing the digestion process. This causes indigestion, gas, stomachache, bloating and several other discomforts.

Avoid carbohydrate and sour food combination
Sour fruits contain acids. Acids destroy the ptyalin, an enzyme that helps to digest carbohydrates only in an alkaline medium. Increase in acidity decreases digestion of carbohydrates and starch. Therefore, citrus fruits and vinegars should not be combined with carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, cereal or starchy vegetables such as potato. It is advisable that to prevent indigestion, you should have acidic fruits at least 15 minutes before eating cereals, breads or any other carbohydrate.

Avoid proteins and citrus fruit combination
Citrus fruits should not be combined with proteins, such as eggs, milk, dairy products and nuts. Acidic fruits cause difficulty in protein digestion.

Therefore, do not include eggs and grape or orange juices in your breakfast.

Avoid protein and fat combination
Fats present in butter, oil and cream reducing the secretion of gastric juices needed for the digestion of proteins.

Do not combine proteins
Although, meats, nuts, milk and egg are all proteins, but nonetheless, they need digestive juices of different strength and properties for digestion. Moreover, not all types of protein have the same digestion time. Hence, avoid having meat and milk or egg and milk at the same meal.