Importance of Artificial Lawn

artificial-lawn The green carpet like grass covering your lawn, no doubt looks attractive. However, to keep your lawn neat and tidy, it must be mowed and watered regularly. If you want to eliminate the hassles of regular lawn maintenance, you can consider installing synthetic lawn.

A synthetic lawn comprises of synthetic grass. These are not natural grass, but nonetheless they have the look and feel of natural grass.

No Watering
Artificial lawns are especially beneficial in drought prone regions, where scarcity of water makes it difficult for natural grass to survive. If water is an extremely precious resource in your region, you can save it by installing artificial lawn. Your lawn will appear green without watering.

Least maintenance cost
Artificial lawns always maintain their perfect shape. Grasses don’t grow in height, therefore you no longer need mowing. You don’t have to search for weeds. You don’t need pesticides to remove pests. Your lawn cannot be damaged by bugs. It is also friendly to your pets. They are also safe for kids.

Children can play on artificial grasses without fear of being infected by allergens.

Environment friendly
Synthetic grass is largely made of recycled materials. Since they make use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers redundant, they save our environment from pollution. You will no longer need electric or gas energy to run mowers, consequently economizing your energy bill.

Ideal for rooftop
Growing natural grass on terraces or balconies is quite difficult. Your rooftop cannot support the heavy load of garden soil. Installing artificial grass on your terrace will help to fulfill your dream of having a green rooftop. Artificial grass is generally laid on sand base. It can also be glued to hard surfaces or timber floors. To make your artificial lawn look more attractive, you can lay it on gravel covered with sand layer.

With artificial grasses, you can also create an indoor lawn.


  • The idea of synthetic lawn is good however, they also do not produce oxygen. I heard grass produce more oxygen than trees.