Ideas for simple and inexpensive wedding decor

church-wedding Weddings, more often than not, turn out to be expensive affairs. The cost of everything from dresses and décor to drinks is quite high. However, a couple saving up to buy a house or planning a small, simple wedding may seek to reduce expenditure.

Décor is one of the elements of a wedding where it is possible to save money. While an elaborately themed wedding might require equally opulent decorations, you can still create a stunning wedding ceremony and reception with simple wedding decor tricks.

Art of the hand

You can learn the art of taking something simple and making it beautiful to work wonders. Make beautiful decorations from ribbons and cardboard paper.

The church aisle, for instance, can be decorated with bows and flowers made from ribbon. These can be wrapped around pillars and hung from the pews. Little bells, birds, flowers can be cut from colored cardboard paper. These can be used to decorate the reception hall. A beautiful array of these adornments can serve as a backdrop for the venue.

Light up your world

Candles create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. They brighten up the room and add beauty to the surroundings. Tall candles look magnificent but they are also expensive. Instead you can use small and simple candles and adorn them with ribbon and glitter for a festive look.

Unity is strength

The décor need not be luxurious to ensure a fun-filled and beautiful wedding. But a certain amount of taste is necessary. Too much of many different things will result in a tacky look. Instead settle on one theme or color and work around it.

For instance, if it’s a Christmas wedding, focus on decor and colors that reflect Yuletide. In case you want the colors blue or lavender, let maximum of the decor echo this shade—linen, flowers, centerpieces etc.

Enhance your wedding day with decor that is pleasing and easy on the pocket.