Iceland Vacation

Although the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull brought the air traffic in Europe to a standstill, this is not the time to stay away from Iceland solely because a volcano is spewing ash and lava. Iceland is a land of volcanic activities. The erupting volcanoes, the natural geysers and hot springs amidst the gigantic glaciers have created a surreal environment in this scenic country.

Arriving here

You can fly to the Keflavik airport, 48km to the west of Reykjavik, from most of the major European and American cities. It takes about six hours to fly to Keflavik from New York. Few cheaper flights could take you to the smaller Akureyri airport, situated in northern Iceland. Ferries ply between Seyoisfjorour, located on the eastern coast of the country, and Bergen, Lerwick and Faroe Island.

Attractions of Iceland


The most northerly capital city of the world might not present the image of a typical metropolitan European city. Retaining the charm of the Icelandic countryside, Reykjavik has brought into its fold trappings of a modern city life. Home to innumerable poets and artists, citizens far removed from the realities of life, the capital of Iceland is framed by snow-covered mountains and an ocean. Nearly 22-hour long summer days and the never-ending winter nights make Reykjavik your ideal destination for an adventure packed vacation.

You can visit the museums and galleries of the city, bath in the geo thermal pools and dine in the finest restaurants of the city. Reykjavik is dotted with pubs, cafes and bars. To view the volcanic activities of the region, you can head to the Golden Circle. The daylong tour will take you to the cascading waterfalls, the sprightly hot springs and the historical site housing the Viking ruins.


This city on the east of Iceland is the first destination of travelers arriving in Iceland by sea. Seyoisfjorour, dotted with colorful houses against the backdrop of mountains and waterfalls, is a perfect place to enjoy a peaceful vacation.


Husavik will give you the rare opportunity to sail on a fishing boat to watch whales swimming in the ocean waters.


This northern city of Iceland is a wonderful place to enjoy a midnight game of golf in the summer.