Ice-cream Recipes

Almond Ice-cream Ice-cream

Ice-cream is a frozen dessert containing sugar, cream and flavoring agents. It is an ideal dessert that can be served after meals. Here some recipes for making different types of ice-creams.

Almond Ice-cream

Take 400 ml of milk in a sauce pan and add one tablespoon vanilla powder to this. Mix them well and bring to boil. Then add 75 grams of grounded almonds and cook these almonds for about 30 minutes. Take 100 ml milk cream in a pan and heat it.

Take a small bowl and add four egg yolks. Beat them well with 125 gram sugar till it makes a smooth mixture. Add this egg and sugar mixture to the milk cream and beat them well. Then combine the milk cream and the milk mixtures together and keep it in low flame till the entire mixture becomes thick. Allow the contents to cool in normal temperature and then transfer to a bowl and keep it in the refrigerator for setting.

If you want to make pistachio ice cream then substitute the almond ground with pistachio grounds.

Coffee Ice Cream

Take four egg yolks and beat them with 130 gram sugar and two tablespoon coffee powder. When it gives a smooth mixture add it to 250 milliliter of hot milk. Keep the entire mixture on low flame and make a thick paste. While making it thick, take care to avoid boiling of the mixture. Allow it to cool and then add 250 milliliter of milk cream. Transfer the ice cream mixture to a bowl and refrigerate. You can garnish this ice cream with coffee beans or almond grounds.

Mint Ice Cream

Heat 500 milliliter of milk and one tablespoon vanilla essence in a sauce pan. Mean while beat four egg yolks in a bowl along with 125 gram sugar. Make a smooth mixture out of this egg yolk and sugar and add it to the hot milk. Keep the entire mixture on low flame and allow it to thicken by ensuring that the mixture is not boiling. Then take the ice cream mixture from the flame and add 10 grams of mint leaves to this. Keep it closed for 20 minutes and then strain the leaves out of the mixture. Refrigerate the ice cream mixture and serve it chilled.