Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

Hyperpigmentation Several factors lead to hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin. Exposure to excess sunlight, acne, aging and pregnancy are some of the common factors that cause hyperpigmentation. The dark spots or patches occur when the pigment producing melanin cells of the skin produces excess melanin, darkening the color of the skin. Mild skin pigmentation, at the early stage of development, could be treated with natural ingredients. However, to erase old skin pigmentation patches that have spread deeper into the dermis, you should visit your dermatologist.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera gel is extremely effective in treating hyperpigmentation of skin. You can apply fresh aloe vera gel extracted from the leaves of the aloe plant on the discolored areas. Aloe vera gels are also available in cosmetic stores.

Cucumber juice
Cucumber juice can be used for removing the skin pigmentation. However, cucumber juice could work only at the early stage of pigmentation.

You can also use fresh tomato juice to reduce the discoloration on the skin.

Potato juice
Juice of the raw potato can help to reduce the skin pigmentation. Soak cotton in fresh raw potato juice and apply it on the discolored patches five to six times a day.

Lemon juice
Lime or lemon juice is often used for fading the skin discolorations. The bleaching action of citrus fruit juice helps to lighten the complexion. These citrus fruits are powerful sources of vitamin C, which helps to rejuvenate the skin cells through its antioxidant action.

The juice extracted from the pulp of ripe avocado can be used for treating hyperpigmentation. Besides reducing the dark patches on your skin, the nutrients present in avocado will help to nourish your skin.

If your skin pigmentation refuses to fade with natural treatments, you can try microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a process by which the dead cells of the skin are removed through mechanical exfoliation using micro crystals of aluminum oxide.

Hydroxy acid peel
Hydroxy acid peels reduce hyperpigmentation by removing dead cells and increasing cell renewal rate.

Hydroquinone creams
Dermatologists frequently prescribe hydroquinone cream for reducing the discolorations of the skin.

Laser treatment
Laser resurfacing and intense pulse light can help to heal hyperpigmentation.