Huawei Unveils Android and Windows Mobile Phones

huawei The smartphones market is becoming extremely crowded. The phones, except for some minor differences here and there, largely appear the same, making your choice all the more difficult. Now two more smartphones have been added to the smartphone sector by Huawei. In the CommincAsia 2009, held in Singapore, two new Huawei handsets – Huawei U8230 and U8000 were launched.

Huawei U8230
Huawei U8230 has been inspired by HTC Magic. This phone will run on Android, the open source operating system of Google. It will feature a 3.5-inch touch screen display and 3.2-mega pixel camera. Users have the freedom to switch between full and half-QWERTY keypad of the phone.

Huawei U8230 will come packed with several Google apps, including Google Search, Google Map and Google Talk. It will also feature Google Chrome Internet browser. Compared to most Android powered smartphones, the 1500mAH battery of the Huawei U8230 will provide commendable battery life.

Huawei C8000
C8000 will be another Windows Mobile phone. The 2.8-inch touch screen display of the phone will flaunt a 3D menu graphic user interface. To get uninterrupted music playback and to get DVD quality pictures on the display, the handset will be equipped with an independent display adapter. The powerful feature packed power management tools fitted to Huawei C8000 will allow users to play video files for nearly six to eight hours.

Both the Huawei phones will be available in Asia and Europe in the second half of 2009.

Being a part of the Open Handset Alliance since 2008, Huawei is rapidly moving ahead with designing new high end cell phones, incorporating the latest cell phone technology. The Open Handset Alliance is an alliance of leading mobile phone makers and software companies of the world, created to develop innovative technologies for mobile phones. By the end of this year, Huawei has promised to launch a range of smartphones supporting WCDMA, CDMA TD-SCDMA standards.