HP Touchsmart 600PC

HP Touchsmart 600PC

Amongst the 3G personal computers HP Touchsmart 600 pc seems to be the most user-friendly. This 23 inch screen PC helps in viewing HD videos of 1080p with clarity. The slot for a BLU-RAY storage disc makes it easier in watching HD movies and the best platform for playing video games like playstation 3.

This machine doesn’t have many wires which makes it more compatible.There are no wires for any of its accessories except that it has a power code or wire.

This is rated higher than its previous version HP 300PC which is of 20 inch screen. The new operating system windows 7 give it a higher glamour to make it look gorgeous. You can get in touch with your PC with your own fingers; the touch is instantly recognized and is responded immediately to your wish of rotating, swapping, pinching, forwarding, pausing videos or music and also dragging the toolbar to view your documents.

Touchsmart 600PC is tagged with a HDTV tuner for live television and also for recording in high definition clarity. Pictures can be dragged into your card using multicard reader. Snaps, music albums appear in the form of collage making it more understandable. Built in applications such as Hulu, Netfix and Twitter can be viewed larger and it’s shifted to touch screen mode.


HP touchsmart 600PC has an Intel core duo 7450 processor. The memory or RAM is of a whooping 4GB.The hard disk has a space of 750GB.The operating system is of Windows 7.Slot for BLU-RAY disc BD-R and BD-RE is built-in. There are slots for multimedia card, SD card and memory stick. USB-3 slot is available along with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity, webcam and mic.

The screen can be removed as its holder can be folded to place it over the wall. The screen size is of 23 inch. The case is available only in one color that is black. The only drawback is that it has very low graphic performance. The price generally revolves around $1,445.12 – $1,610.49.

This new generation HP touchsmart 600PC is indeed a new generation personal computer which on the whole has a high rating.