HP Notebook Tracking and Recovery Service To Nab Laptop Thief

hp-notebook-tracking-and-recovery Laptop thefts are worrying people around the world. Besides losing your expensive gadget, theft of identity caused when sensitive documents saved in your laptop falls in unscrupulous hands, gives rise to numerous legal hassles. To prevent identity theft from stolen computers HP has launched HP Notebook Tracking and Recovery Service.

The HP Notebook Tracking and Recovery Service offers multilayered security solution for your laptop. The software installed in your laptop helps law enforcing agencies to locate the lost computer, allows remote destruction of the data by the laptop’s owner, and identifies any unauthorized change in hardware or software.

Tracking location
As soon as your laptop is connected to the Internet, Computrace Agent, a software installed in your computer, instantly reports the location of the laptop to HP’s Monitoring Centre.

Remote data deletion
Besides tracking location of the laptop, this software also uploads information on software, hardware and the user, which would give you information on the manner in which your lost laptop is being used. This will help you to manage the data stored in your lost computer from a remote location. The Data Delete request will wipe important data stored in your laptop as soon as it is connected to the internet.

Viewing data
You can see the data, reported by Computrace Agent to the Monitoring Centre, from the online Customer Centre site.

Computrace Agent
Every step is taken to hide Computrace Agent, running on your computer, from the view of unauthorized users. This software does not appear as system tray icon and is missing from the programs menu. At the same time, an unauthorized user could not remove the software from your laptop.

Through the self-healing technology, the software installation process is re-launched after deletion of the software.

Price and Availability
You have to pay ₤24 to have HP Notebook PC Tracking and Recovery Service installed in your computer. Currently this service is available in some European countries and South Africa.