How to write song lyrics

Almost each and every popular song has some similarities in its writings. Though the given format is the standard way to write song lyrics, there are always some exceptions. These tips will prepare you for writing songs at the preliminary stages. As you get accustomed with it, you’ll be able to customize the songs to reflect your own personality.

Song writing needs a lot of practice and you will be able to incorporate many suitable phrases only when you become a little more experienced.

Firstly you should write the verses like passages found in poems by using rhyming words in the verses, but you should keep in mind that every verse has an identical melody. The verse should be made in accordance with the theme or the mood of the song. Proper and appropriate rhyming should be given to an extent.

You should try to include a chorus, which is a snapshot of the flavor of the song. One important thing should be remembered that the melody and words should remain constant although they are repeated in continuous fashion. You should also have a title for the song that should be incorporated in the chorus as well. The chorus plays a very important part in framing the structure of the song.

Adding a bridge to the song is a smart way of writing lyrics. Generally bridge is used to break the similarity of the song and make it more interesting.  Bridge generally have a different but complimentary melody and different kind of lyrics than that are available in the chorus.  Today almost each and every song has bridge, but there are exceptions as well. You can also write the lyrics without the bridge, but it will be less interesting and appealing than a song with a bridge.

The last and not the least, you should have a good grasp of the language in which you are writing the lyrics. You should have knowledge of creative writing and thus incorporate the same in your song. The words used in the rhythm should be very cute and should be understandable to the listeners.