How to use a social networking site, facebook

facebook Internet has made a very drastic progress in the field of communication, facebook is one such example. Facebook is  a  social networking site that is required by everybody who lives in the society. It is especially important for the person who loves social communication on the web. Today not only adults, but small children are also using this site for communication purposes. It is applicable for all the windows versions including XP and Vista.

Facebook helps us to stay in touch with our friends and relatives across the world. Because of its multi function utility, today this site is the most preferred spot of the people on the web. The information that we provide in this site is visible to everyone who is on the site, it helps to share information and read reviews of others to get a shared opinion about day to day matters.

The main features of facebook that a user must know are-

The profile section provides general information of the members of the site. Some of the information in this field is not open to be viewed by the public. Friend list provides a list of al the persons who have been approved by us to communicate on the site. There is also e-mailing facility on this site. The poking mechanism offers a chance to enter into a chat room by saying “hello” to everyone. We can paste our own photo on the site to be viewed by the public. There are also some small applications on this site like small games and puzzles.

We can log in the chat room and send and receive instant messages. Some of the other social networking sites that have some similarity with facebook are,,, and Every person should go for the social networking sites; these are very easy to operate and give us a chance to get different views of the people.