How to use a cellular phone to connect to the internet via pc

lapnet If you want to go for the wireless internet surfing then connecting your laptop with the cellular phone gives you the freedom to surf internet everywhere. The cellular phone must be compatible with the pc for internet surfing. There are various kits available in the market that easily connects to the pc for fast surfing. But before buying the kit you must know the configuration of the kit and also your computer, otherwise it would not work correctly.

To surf the internet by suing your mobile, at first you must buy a digital cellular phone also known as a PCS phone. These phones have an in built system to convert it into a wireless modem that easily connects with your pc. You can visit to buy theses kinds of phones. You will also need a data cable for this. These data cables are sold at a very cheap rate in the market and online stores.

The speed of the cellular phone internet system is much slower as compared to the broadband service. It is slightly better than the dial up modem. While the surfing speed is considerable, the download speed is very low. There is also one more difficulty with these types of phones; you can access the internet where there is adequate signal of the cellular service. But it gives the flexibility to surf the internet form anywhere in the world.

If you buy the wireless internet system, then you would receive an installation cd and a data cable. It also contains some user manuals for trouble shooting purposes. Some of the web sites in which you can get all he details of the services are-, and Some of these services are also provided by the cellular service provider. This truly gives us the freedom to be connected everywhere across the world.