How to upload pictures on facebook

upload pictures on facebook We all use some kind of site for our social networking. These kinds of sites not only keep track of our friends but these also help us to expose ourselves in some form or other. Facebook has become very popular for the last few years because of its innumerable features. In fact facebook is considered as the best social networking site. Every body wants to share his or her pictures with their friends, so you have to upload them so that others can watch it. Facebook has a unique feature for uploading profile pictures and other picture albums as well. Here are some steps to upload pictures on facebook

At first open the facebook site and login with your username and password. Then move to the left navigation bar and click on the “Photos” tab there.

The next step is to click on the “My photos” link in the page and then select the “Create a photo album” in the “My photos” page. Then add the details of the album, such as the name and privacy settings and then click on “Crete album”.

Then you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to choose some photos from your hard disk. Now check mark the check boxes beside the pictures and then click “upload”. Immediately the photos will be uploaded to your album.

You can also click the link “Try the sample uploader” below the upload window. This will enable you to upload one photo at a time rather than selecting all of them at a time. Make sure to check mark the conditions and the agreement before clicking on the upload button.

Now you can accommodate all the photos in your album and also can create multiple albums on facebook. Now you have to share these albums on your profile and thus your friend can post comments on them. One important thing you have to consider while uploading the pictures is that the size of the pictures should be reduced to as much as you can to avoid wasting a lot of time in uploading them.