How To Treat Eye Bags

Eye Bags The beauty of your face is defined primarily by the beauty of your eyes. Therefore, when eye bags appear under your eyes, you become worried about your eyes losing their natural attraction. Getting rid of the eye bags is not an easy task, especially if under eye bags are part of your family history. Like most other close relatives of your family, you are genetically programmed to get these unwanted bags below your eyes.

Although, you cannot alter your genetic predisposition, you can modify your lifestyle to reduce the appearance of eye bags. Nonetheless, eye bags are not always hereditary. Sometimes salt rich diet, allergens, pollutants, smoking and alcoholism could lead to puffiness of the eyes.

Eye bags treatments
To remove the eye bags, you can visit a cosmetic surgeon and have a blepharoplasty surgery. The surgeon removes the extra fat, skin and muscles to retain the youthful shape of your eyes. However, blepharoplasty can be quite an expensive process. The average cost of the surgery to remove the eye bags would be around $4,000. The success of the blepharoplasty surgery undoubtedly depends on the expertise and experience of the cosmetic surgeon.

Sometimes less expensive cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion could help to reduce eye bags. This helps to remove the dead cells under the eyes, increasing the cell renewal rate, and reducing appearance of eye bags.

Home remedies
Home remedies are sometime effective in reducing the size of the eye bags. These remedies work especially at the early stages, when the eye bags are smaller. To prevent appearance of eye bags, you can apply aloe vera gel under your eyes. Applying fresh cucumber juice on the skin under your eyes can help to arrest growth of eye bags. You can also apply raw potato juice to rejuvenate the skin under your eyes.

To prevent eye bags, always have a good night sleep. Poor sleep could only aggravate the eye bags. If you are prone to eye bags, sleep on a recliner or elevate your head with two or more pillows while sleeping.

Avoid smoking and drinking
Smoking and excess drinking could aggravate your eye bags.