How to travel green

green-travel When making a travel plan, there are many things on our to-do list: packing, shopping, sight-seeing, souvenirs etc. Considering eco-friendly traveling is mostly non-existent in a traveler’s list.

Conservation of the environment should be a priority at all times, even on vacation. You can’t take a break from being eco-friendly because then all your previous efforts have been wasted.

Given below are some tips on how to stay ‘green’ while traveling and on holiday:

At home

Unplug all your electrical appliances if you’re leaving your house empty. Since they won’t be in use, it is best to save energy. Check all water sources properly and ensure that they are turned off. Leakage of water causes plenty of waste and may lead to flooding.

On the way

Try and use public transportation as much as possible instead of private vehicles or rented cars. Avoid wastage of food and drinks when traveling via airplanes.

On the vacation

For sightseeing, there are many tour buses and tourist cars offered at different destinations. Instead of opting for these, select walking tours that offer a complete view of all scenic sights. At the same time, these are eco friendly too.

With increasing environmental awareness, there are hotels and resorts that observe eco-friendliness in several ways. Stay in such hotels if possible and participate in the ‘green’ activities. Even at a regular hotel, you can be eco friendly in your own way.

Use the amenities offered prudently

If you have used soaps, shampoos etc at home, bring them along with you. Avoid wasting such facilities if you don’t need them. Ensure that the lights and other electrical appliances are switched off when you leave the room.

Keep the place clean

When shopping or eating in restaurants, find out if the product is made by killing any rare species of animals. Such acts of cruelty often occur because of certain people’s demand for exotic keepsakes and delights.

Travel green and make the earth a much greener place to live in!