How to travel alone safely

travel-alone A trip around the world alone sounds like an adventurous and exciting journey. But the world is not a safe place. The destruction and threat to security posed by terrorism presents a clear picture of the dangers that lie outside your safe home.

Traveling alone therefore is a risk. However, if you must take that solo trip you’ve been planning for ages then ensure your safe return. It is necessary to take few important safety measures when you are traveling by yourself.

Stay in contact

Make sure you have a list of emergency phone numbers with you constantly. These include your friends and relatives, the hotel where you’re staying, your consulate, police etc.

Also remember to make copies of this list: keep one in your room, one with the hotel and one with a friend or relative. Other important documents like passport, ticket etc should also be copied and stored in safe places.

Constant vigilance

Be alert at all times. This doesn’t mean you stop yourself from enjoying. But being spontaneous has limits. Be careful before making friends with a stranger who appears interested in you.

Know all the rules, regulations, and customs of the place you’re visiting. Before you set out on your journey, ensure that you have insurance for your health and luggage in case of any mishaps.

Prudence pays

It may seem adventurous, but exploring unknown places in the dark is dangerous. Showing off expensive clothes, jewelry, gadgets etc is also unwise. Use these only when absolutely required.

Avoid getting drunk or boisterous as you may attract unwanted attention. Do not reveal your travel or accommodation details to strangers.

Stay calm and confidence

Don’t seem nervous or scared while you’re on your own. People will know you’re a vulnerable target. Try to appear confident in your manner and appearance.

Walk along with the crowd and adopt the dressing style of the locals. If it helps, learn few self-defense techniques tips before you leave on your journey.

The most important thing is to enjoy your trip. Stay safe and you will retain happy memories of the journey.