How to transform your clothes from simple to fashionable

clothes It’s not easy to be fashionable when you’re on a budget. You have to restrain yourself from buying that fabulous designer dress. Or control the urge to go on a shopping spree for clothes when you should be sticking to your grocery list. But it is possible to look fashionable without having to spend more than you can afford.

This inexpensive fashion store exists in your own house. Think creative, stylish and unique: the old clothes in your closet will open up a vista of opportunities for fashionable clothing.

Jewel cool

Select a few plain outfits that could use a little embellishment. Rummage among your necklaces, beads, and brooches. Not all of these can be worn on your person. So attach these to a top or skirt to create a stylish look.

Of course, don’t be too generous with these adornments; it could result in a tacky outfit for a costume party.

The lure of lace

Lace can change the look of an old dress and transform it into a new and stylish piece of clothing. You can stitch lace to the border of a dress or skirt giving it a new look. With tops, lace can serve to create fashionable sleeves for straps. They can also be stitched around a V-neck.

Your color game

Your plain t-shirts and dresses need not be plain any longer. Give them any color you want. All you need are some dyes and the ability to follow instructions. With dyes, you can mix and match different colors to create your own unique color.

Cut it out

If you’re tired of your long dresses and skirts, cut them to the length you want. Attach a new hem or adorn them with lace or beads. You can also create slits for your skirts in this manner and adjust the length of sleeves on your t-shirts and tops.

Remember it’s not what or how much you buy but how you wear what you already have. Be your own designer and create your own style.