How to Throw a Tea Party

teaparty Are you in the mood to host an elegant and intimate gathering of people? Then consider throwing a tea party for your close friends or family. A tea party doesn’t mean that you’re old-fashioned or old. It’s merely an excuse to meet friends and catch up with old news and gossip over a cup of tea.

Planning a tea party is quite simple if you start well in advance. Make a guest list and arrange for chairs to accommodate the guests, and tables to set up the tea service. Shed the formal appearance and add some fun to your tea party with a cool, unusual or modern theme.

Invited for tea

A tea party usually takes place at 3 pm. While sending out invitations, mention the time of the party and its nature. Also, outline in brief the theme for the tea party if you have chosen one.

Tea and snacks

Prepare the menu for the occasion. Tea, of course, is the key item. Find out the tastes of your guests and arrange for green tea or herbal tea if required. Some popular snacks for tea parties are finger sandwiches, pastries, cakes, muffins, scones etc. Salads of different types are also an option if the tea party is held at lunch or dinner time.

Table setting

Your table should be set in an organized manner with the beverages and snacks arranged neatly. Place the tea and coffee services on two ends of the table. Keep sugar, milk, water and lemon next to the teapot. Provide napkins, plates, spoons and forks for each guest.

Create a pleasant atmosphere with flowers placed on the tables in vases and bowls. You can also arrange brightly colored candles on the table. Put on some soft background music so that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of conversations.

Enjoy the friendly and calm atmosphere with your friends and a delicious cup of tea!