How to throw a sports party

guys-watching-sports-on-tv1 If you’re a sports lover, it’s likely that you eat, drink and dream sports most of the time. A great way to celebrate this enthusiasm for sports is to invite all your friends and fellow sports-lovers to an entertaining sports party.

There can be two types of sports parties. One: where you and your friends decide to watch a football or basketball game on the television together. Two: where you arrange a gathering of friends to eat, drink and make merry, and of course, to play your favorite sports.

Television, sports and parties

If you’re planning to have a party by inviting your friends to watch a game on television, create the right setting for your party. For the decorations, you can have your team colors displayed around the house through banners and streamers. Print up your favorite team’s logo and place it in a conspicuous place.

For the food, arrange for sandwiches, chips, cakes, and drinks. An added touch would be to wear the team jersey and have your friends do the same. Or you can wear clothes in your favorite team colors. Finally, sit back and enjoy the game.

Sports party without the T.V.

This kind of party can include a cake and favors as well. Find plates and cups with sports themes on them. Also, to wrap the party favors, you can use sports themed wrapping paper. Or you can also use the colors of your favorite teams.

No party is complete without a cake-cutting. If it’s a birthday, you can have a treat for the birthday girl or boy. For example, for a football fan, have a football printed on the cake in icing. If possible, you can have their favorite team’s logo on the cake.

For the music, select some songs about sports. If all guests have a common favorite team, play that team’s song. Of course, no sports party is complete without sports. Plan a session of games and sports so that the guests can work up an appetite.

Have a wonderful sports party by making your favorite sports come alive. Go team!