How to throw a soap opera party

soap-opera-party Soap operas are a popular entertainment for young and old alike. Most people who watch television have a favorite soap opera that they follow faithfully. The highly engaging stories of soaps (as they are also called) usually have fans hooked to the T.V. day and night.

If you’re a soap opera fan, you can bring the fun from reel life to real life. Host a soap opera theme party for you and your fellow fan friends. Indulge in some role playing and have the time of your life.

Select the soap

Several soap operas run regularly on T.V. Choose one of them that you like and organize the theme of your party around that particular show.

Select the stars

One of the first things you need to do is make a guest list. Make sure you invite those people who you know are fans of soap operas.

Invitations with interest

Your invitations should reflect the theme of your party. You can write the title of the T.V. show on the cover and stick pictures of its characters.

A creative way to excite interest is writing an invitation filled with intrigue: “the guest of honor is…
To be continued…”

Costume carnival

If you have a dress code for the party, notify your guests about it. Ask them to dress as characters from soap operas. At the party, you can have a ‘Best Dressed’ contest and declare the winners as ‘The Soap Opera King and Queen.’

Games such as quizzes on soaps, and charades can be played to add to the fun. You can play your favorite soap opera on the T.V. as well.

Décor drama

Aside from streamers and balloons, you can decorate the house to reflect the soap opera theme. Stick pictures of famous soap stars and couples. Hang banners with dramatic soap opera lines.

Favorite favors

As party favors, you can have goody bags filled with scented soaps, a latest edition of ‘Soap Opera Digest’, chocolates etc.

Be dramatic, bold, mysterious, and amnesiac! Have a wonderful soap opera party!