How to throw a Harry Potter party

harrypottertheme1 The Harry Potter craze has captured all book lovers – young and old. Children especially are crazy about the Harry Potter books. To help capture the spirit in your house and provide some magical entertainment for the children, throw a Harry Potter theme party. For one evening, all Muggles can be transfigured into magical creatures.

A Harry Potter party should make the special elements of this boy wizard’s magical world come to life. From the decorations and food to games and party favors, everything needs to create an illusion of the magical world.

Welcome to Hogwarts

Transform a room of your house into the great hall of Hogwarts. Stick some sparkling stars on the ceiling that will glow in the dark. Drape large banners to represent the houses at Hogwarts – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Broomsticks can be painted in bright colors and placed in the corners. The entrance of your house can have the sign of Platform 9 ¾. Inside place a Hogwarts sign imprinted with the school crest.

Magical games

The popular wizard sport Quidditch is a favorite of every fan. You can paint ordinary balls with golden, red and black colors to represent the Snitch, Quaffle and Bludgers.

Divide the children into teams of different houses using a Sorting Hat. Buy a plain black witch’s hat from the store and place it on each child’s head. An adult can mimic the voice of the Hat and divide the children into Houses.

Dress, dance and dine

The children can dress up as different characters from the book. Or you can make black cloaks out of ordinary fabric and decorate them with pictures of wands and brooms.

For the music, arrange a band dressed as witches with a name like the ‘Weird Sisters’. The party menu should resemble a Hogwarts start-of term banquet. You can have a variety of preparations with trifles, puddings and tarts for dessert.

For the favors, prepare gift bags with wands, frog and owl-shaped chocolates and different flavored sweets. Label these as Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. You can say goodbye the Harry Potter style!