How to throw a circus theme party

joker-boy A circus theme party is a great way to liven up your children’s vacation and ensure a fun-filled evening. Besides, it will give you a chance to dress up like someone you’re not for a change. If you think you’ll look silly, the smiles and laughter of the children will make it all worth the effort.

A circus party is all about extravagant celebration. Go wild with colors and decorations, food and games. Read further for some tips to throw a circus theme party.

Place and people

A circus party is best held outside the house by setting up a big canopy or tent. No circus is complete without clowns so your dress code is already decided. Rent some clown costumes, clown noses, oversize boots etc.

If you don’t fancy being a clown, you can try out other circus characters. A lion tamer (without an actual lion, a dog would be safer!), a juggler or an acrobat are other circus roles to imitate. Just make sure you learn the tricks involved to play the part convincingly.


Announce the party by handing out colorful flyers that say ‘a new circus in your town!’ ‘Big Joe’s circus: join the party’ or something equally circus-like.


Blow up plenty of balloons in all shapes and colors. These should be hung up in the tent, strewn about the floor and handed out to kids when the party is over.

Food and drink

Popcorn, sweets, hot dogs, cotton candy, ice-cream and animal-shaped cookies are all favorite foods of children. Lemonade and soft drinks can be arranged on a table in the party venue with all the food.


For the entertainment, you can have games that involve the children as well as shows that you can put up for their amusement. Games like musical chairs can be enjoyed by all kids. You can also put up a clown act with some other adults or conduct a magic show.

Send the children home happy and contented, with lots of gifts and memories of an exciting party.