How to Thaw Food Safely for Better Cooking

thaw-food-safely How to Thaw Food Safely for Better Cooking

Most of the people store their food in refrigerator especially the non vegetarian foods like meat, fish etc. It is not advisable to keep the frozen food in hot water or on the kitchen slab once it is taken out from refrigerator. This is because while defrosting when the temperature reaches above 40 degree F bacteria will infect the food and at this temperature bacteria will grow quickly and will multiply. The safe ways to defrost the food are

Refrigerator Thawing

For defrosting the frozen food you can keep it in the refrigerator for a whole day. For 5 pound of frozen food it requires one entire day for defrosting. Even if it is a lesser quantity of food it requires one day for better thawing. While keeping the food in refrigerator care should be taken to keep the food in comparatively less cooler part of the refrigerator so it requires less time to defrost. Once you defrost the food in a refrigerator then you can use them for two more days. You can even re-freezing the same food after taking the required quantity.

Microwave Thawing

You can defrost the food in a microwave also. This is the fastest method of defrosting the frozen food. Keep the frozen food in the microwave after leaving some place between the microwave and the food. Defrost the food in low temperature depending up on the quantity. Once you defrost the food in microwave then you can’t re-freeze the food with out cooking as it may cause the development of bacteria inside the food.

Cold Water Thawing

Keep the frozen food in a leak proof plastic bag so that water won’t enter in to the food. If water enters in to the plastic bag then the food will absorb water and you will get a watery product for cooking. Leakage will also allow the air to move in to the bag and thus cause the development of bacteria inside the food. Keep the leak proof bags in normal water and change the water in every 30 minutes. It requires almost 30 minutes for every pound of food to get defrost. Before refreeze the food you have to cook then well.

For having a nutritious and healthy diet you have to thaw foods properly.