How to Teach Your Kid to Swim

teach-your-kid-to-swim How to Teach Your Kid to Swim

It is a must to teach your kid to swim. This will help them to protect themselves from drowning if they accidentally fall in to water. If you are teaching your kid then you must be aware of the basics of the swimming and you must have the ability to support your kid in the water.

1.    You can teach your kid in a bathtub as they will be familiar to the bathtub and hence will be comfortable. You can teach them to blow bubbles in water, lying on their stomach and back with in this tub and this will increase their confidence.

2.    Once your kid becomes comfortable in bathtub then you can take him to the swimming pool. Introduce him in to the water in a casual manner and allow him to play for some time. Once he gets accustomed to the new atmosphere you can tell him about the dangerous and the safety measures for them. Also tell him never comes to the pool alone
and tell him how somebody else can help him in a pool in case of accidents.

3.    Give them flotation devices only to build their confidence and walk with them along with the floating device. By the time you take one lap the child will become calm and will enjoy the pool.

4.    Then ask your child to blow bubbles by lowering his chin in to the water. Try this like a game; ask him to blow bubbles till you count 10. This will make good results. Then ask him to hold on the side wall of the pool and kick his legs.

5.    Through a toy in front of your kid and ask him to get it and tell him you will hold him. Then he has to kick his leg and blow bubbles together to reach the toy. Never leave him in between as it will reduce his faith in you.

6.    Once he got enough practice in kicking the ask him to hold your fingers and move his hands in circular motion so that it resembles front stroke. Also play under water games along with your kid so that he will keep his eyes open under the water.

7.    Now hold your child around his waist and ask him to do blow bubbles and kicking legs along with moving his arms. After having enough practice, ask your kid to swim a very short distance from the wall up to you. So that he can reach you with a small jump and there after increase the distance slowly. He will get confidence by doing so.

8.    Then teach your kid to take breath by turning his head or by lifting his head. This will help him to swim long distance.

9.    Now teach your kid to jump from the pool wall and catch him down in the pool. Then increase the distance between you and the wall in order to make him swim after jumping.