How to Teach Your Kid Begin to Write

teach-your-kid-begin-to-write2 Teach Your Kid Begin to Write

Writing plays an important role in a child’s education. A good writing skill paves the way for better education and future. It is not so easy to teach your kid to write. If your kid is holding the pen properly then you can start your training. While teaching your kid, never exert much pressure on them. This is because when the pressure exceeds certain limits then the child gets frustrated and it will reduce his interest in learning.

1.    Find a place at your home where your kid can sit with a smooth surfaced table and chair. This area must get enough light so that your kid can write in a good atmosphere with out any distraction.

2.    Give your kid a note book or writing paper and also pencils, crayons and pens to write. Most of the kids prefer crayons to write with as they are attracted towards the colors.

3.    Before starting their learning talk to them and try to know about their ideas. Always encourage your kid and their ideas as this will help them to build confidence.

4.    Most of the kids would like to write their names first. Show them how to write their names and also familiarize them with the letters in their name. Then ask them to identify the letters in their name from other words. This will encourage them to write their name.

5.    Give them small books and ask them to fill the book with their writings. When ever they complete this task give them rewards and this will encourage them to do more. You can also make books by folding the papers and then stapling them together. So that your kid can complete them easily and they won’t get bored.

6.    Once your kid completes a book, ask them to explain what it is? Probably they will tell a story. Then take down the story as they said and give it as a cover page to their book with a good title and with his name as author of the book. Display this book somewhere in his room. This will encourage your kid to make more books.

7.    Instead of books you can also use games for this purpose. There are games like word games, cross word puzzles, cryptograms, anagrams, flash cards etc. All these games will help your kid to improve his vocabulary and spelling.