How to Teach Your Child to Stay Healthy

teach-child-health Teach Your Child to Stay Healthy

For being a healthy child they should keep themselves neat and clean. Parents have to inculcate this habit in their kids to keep them healthy. A child having the habit of maintaining his health will turn in to a productive person in future. So teach your child to take care of his body.

Child Health Information

First of all teach your kids to wash their hands before and after taking food. Explain to them about how the germs get in to their body through their hands and nails. Demonstrate how to take a good bath to your child and how to clean the toes, nails and the body. Advice your kid to take a bath after having a play time outside and also after having exercise. If they have any injuries ask them to wash the injury first to remove the dirt and micro organisms that cause infections. Tell them after effects of sharing other’s tooth brush, hair brush, combs etc. Also make them realize the need to brush and bath daily. Show them how to clean their ears and remove ear wax properly.

Exercise is an important part of being healthy. Tell them they can manage their health and weight again with a one hour’s exercise every day. If your child gets the habit of doing daily exercise then they will follow it in entire life. In order to maintain good health they have to eat healthy food that is low in fat, cholesterol, sugar etc and rich in vitamins and minerals like the fruits and vegetables. Teach them to choose and eat healthy foods. For a healthy body it is essential to have a good sleep along with having a healthy diet. Make sure that your child is sleeping well and is going to bed ontime.

Educate your kid about the importance of covering their mouth while coughing, yawning and sneezing. Also ask them to keep away from those who are coughing and sneezing in order to avoid the infestation of germs. Also teach them the basics of first aid.

Teach your kid the necessities and benefits of vaccination and take him regularly for vaccination. Also teach him about the consequence of taking alcohol and drugs.

With good training you can make a healthy child with healthy habits.